Get ready with us : preparing you home for you and your loved ones.

Preparing your home for Ramadan is important in order to have a harmonious home and prepare this period in the best way. 

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Muslim lunar calendar and is considered one of the most important religious festivals in the Islamic world. During this month, Muslims devote themselves to prayer, fasting, self-restriction and good deeds. All Muslims must complete their Shawwal period and then complete their ramadan period before they die. It is essential that every Muslim know how to decorate their homes for ramadan. 

👐 Get ready with us and prepare you home for Ramadan. Decoration is key to your holly home.

Color is most significant during ramadan because it helps Musilms focus on the daily prayers

Color is most significant during ramadan because it helps Muslims focus on their daily prayers. White is an excellent choice for your home during ramadan because it symbolizes purity and peace. You can also use white fabrics to cover your furniture so that it doesn't get dirty from sitting on it during nightly prayers. On the other hand, you should avoid using too much red during ramadan or you'll disrupt your worship by causing your eyes to burn. Instead, choose red as a complementary color for your home decor rather than overwhelming it with reds. 

It's also appropriate to decorate your home for ramadan during the month itself. For example, you can hang up beautiful prayer mats or bed sheets during these months. You can also hang up colorful lanterns outside your home at evening so that guests know where to go when they arrive home late at night. On top of that, you should display beautiful memorabilia from the Quran so that guests will have something worthwhile to look at while they're visiting with you. 

We recommend to prepare carefully the decoration of your holly home before the beginning of Ramadan. As a matter of facts, the more you anticipate it, the better.

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Home decoration is an integral part of celebrating the holy month of ramadan at home

Celebrating Ramadan at home is the way to show respect for God during this sacred time. Decorating your home for ramadan helps you mentally prepare for this religious festival by giving it a welcoming atmosphere full of peace and spirituality. Furthermore, remembering Allah during this holy month will greatly benefit not only you but also everyone around you. 

Beautiful mosque take part in the holly decoration process. We recommend 5 holly Mosque to decorate your prayer room for Ramadan. 

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